22°C, clear today., Yesterday C=32 miles; day before C=51.

Young Oak: Below is a picture of the Acorns from a young oak tree. Some of them are malformed- perhaps due to the gall wasps laying eggs on many of the leaves. I have posted pictures of those here before.

All that post-virus malaise has gone. Yesterday, I rode for 32 miles with a bloke in his 70s. We swapped good stories, had a lot in common- he was formerly a teacher and we shared a number of other coincidental experiences. I rode to get rid of those butterflies that come of excessive adrenaline.
Yesterday was a notable high for another reason, it came like a present – realising that we had another 2 weeks before term starts. I was so excited & relieved by that discovery.

It arrived today- a very shiny thing. Hold it up to the light, and it looks flawless, solid, impenetrable. It’s going to be good, I like it.
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1 Response to Adrenaline

  1. Mike d. says:

    Update: they are Knopper Gall, caused by the tiny gall wasp Andricus quercuscalicis.


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