I’m back

 24°C, clear. C=88.9 miles

Rode home from South Wales today, not a cloud (…etcetera). I’ll upload some photos later.
chose a different route back since there were some nasty hills in the Wyre Forest going out last week. My mapdidn’t show the Malvern hills very clearly which was just as steep. Some of the climbs are quite hard work, especially bearing in mind that you have a further 50 miles to ride. A helpful trick while trying to keep a steady pedalling rhythm is to convery the roadsign gradient as from percentage to ratio- these were 16%, so that’s about 1:7
…I think.
At the top of the hill was a Cafe with a Russian tank parked outside. It must have been a hobby restoration by the Cafe owner.It looked pretty much complete, with engine and wheel rubbers. That machine must be of about 1944/45 vintage  – so that’s quite an ambitious project.

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