How is it doing?

18°C, some rain due this morning.

Pigeon: we’ve been looking out for a pigeon with no tail, not seen it yet. It can’t be too disasterous for a bird to loose its tail- crows can often be seen in this state- I bet that’s due to "hen-pecking". It must make landing difficult though- no steering on the final approach to a landing perch.

It takes about 2 hours to fit new brakes to the touring bike, and only a minute to discover that the forks are dangerously cracked. I knew a guy in Bristol who sprinted across traffic-lights and his forks snapped, he smacked the tarmac hard enough to break his jaw. Presumably that means concussion too.
I don’t want that.
The other photo is of a Dahlia, which is possibly more interesting before it flowers. It’s a little character – the sort of thing that deserves animating.

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