24°C, clear & light winds

Clawing the chimney-stack: Hannah called me down about an hour ago because she could see claws in the chimney. It explains the odd noises we heard all morning, an animal must have been trapped and slowly falling in stages down the chimney for about half-a-day. I opened the flue to get it (a common town-pigeon), breathing quietly holding onto the cast iron door above the fire- puzzled no doubt. My first grab with gloves on got me a large handful of feathers- including lots of long ones- oops. The second grab reaching in further up got the bird cupped in my hands.It looked well enough to put up[ a struggle, flapping and spreading small fluffy feathers all over the room. I dropped it on the soft grass outside then after a pause of a few seconds, it jumped up and flew high over the local houses.
Pigeons can fly quite well with no tail. Good luck pigeon!

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