RAM- with trepidation

20°C, sunny spells & dramatic clouds:

Will it or won’t it?: Just fitted in the replacement RAM, which marks the third return but a different brand this time.
Just about to boot it up – concerned that it won’t work again.

Success!: it works, Dual channel the lot. …almost. Programmes load faster, and more noticably, unload very fast- just a split second. There is, more importantly, no waiting while programmes run. Now I can get on with the video project started a month ago.
Still feel ill though.

Game screen

24°C, clear & warm

Took the day off today and drove to work. Exhaustion set in again- frustratingly.
Two pictures today-
1/ Game screen of a bunch of characters who all seeme magnetically drawn to the spot over a fallen foe. The all bunched toghtly together and looked upwards in a detatched religious way.
2/ Our cat sleeping in the shower.

Oak galls

20°C, same weather,

My favourite Oak tree has galls on its leaves. The tree lives in a small but wild field near home where I walk the dogs*. It turns out that those red balls on its leaves are created by gall wasps, each one has a young wasp gestating inside causing no harm ot the tree.
* I say "walk", not what they do.

Thrips weekend

20°C, sunny with cumulus clouds

Yesterday: got slightly burnt at the Duxford airshow. Despite wearing some 15 & 45spf sun cream, it still got through. IU blame the thrips- they were everywhere, itching and bothering everyone around. I reckon in wiping them off- some of the cream came off too. Funny little things thrips.
The photo below shows some american planes, this opener was marred by commentary from an american woman who was lbatantly reading propaganda.
Today, same weather, but no showers and 72 miles on the bike. It’s been ages since I did that kind of distance so it was quite hard near the end ( but oddly, felt easier in the last 10 miles).

The difference a day makes:

20°C, clearing, wind dying away.

Suddenly: feel back to normal, that "looking-slowly" feeling has gone, cough has too, now feeling more that summer is back.
Tomorrow is an airshow- Flying Legends which I’m taking my ol’ man to. Just an excuse for a day out really. I have some ferrying to do – that means getting up at 03.00 to take Hannah to start her German trip.
The ride home was less wet today, but my paper-files are not quite dried out from yesterday. I felt like a naughty schoolie with a sheet that was due in today being all sodden & frayed at the edges.