flood retreat

21°C, sunny, like summer.C=41 miles

Digging roots: in the garden is not easy- old plants that have been there need deep deep digging to get the stubborn roots that grip the deeper ground. Hedge trimming is nice, but not with a machine- I use shears and hate the noise that so many gerdeners make with their trimmers, mowers, strimmers and saws.

Unfortunately, Microsoft have broken live.spaces, upload pictures no longer works and pages take several times longer to open- this means I can’t make the
blog entry I wanted to today.

Below is a panoramic picture taken on the bridge where Sunday’s panorama was shot. Although MS have shrunk the picture to an extreme degree, it’s still just about possible to see the difference. Though the floods have gone, the smell of rotting straw in fields is strong under today’s sunlight.
try this page and Today’s

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