Summer floods

 21°C, clear. C=54 miles

The River Tame has flooded: Oddly the R.Trent hasn’t. I suppose that the Tame sources in an area where the rain has been heavier.
Three times I was turned back by impassable roads while cycling today. It turned into a search for photo-opportunities instead. The river Trent was full but not overflowing, so travelling north was clear.

Below is a picture of a road that I use on most Sundays rides, I’ve never seen it like this. Five or more years ago, the Tame flooded up top the road’s edges, but didn’t actually spill over. The surface was like this for nearly a mile, so I didn’t attempt it on the bike. In practise, this all means that we can’t get to the east from here- the river cuts us off and all the crossings are blocked.

FFI:The R. Tame sources near Birmingham airport and rambles around Warwickshire before turning north. Since lots of streams join the river, then in practice, rivers have many sources and the designation of one starting point must surely be arbitrary.

Wormwood: is a plant, it turns out, one that leaves poison in the soil, hence the book title discussed yesterday. The book says that "Chornobyl" is the Ukrainian word for Wormwood. I will try to find out the British name for it. It’s of the Genus "Artimesia", Tarragon is a member of that group too. Absinthe Wormwood is used as an insect repellent, especially fleas!

Seems like a good book so far by the way.

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