Make a girl-noise here

22°C, showers, some electrical bumps & flashes.

Fight: In the staffroom we heard a loud girl-noise at lunchtime yesterday. It lasted longer than the girl-noises we often hear, so had a look out the window. Much to our amazement was the sight of a girl-fight. The girls in the fight, as well as those spectating were all contributing to that girl-noise so that it sounded like a large flock of seagulls. Apparently, lots of kids have been squabbling recently, which if it gets out of hand, turns into that distinctive girl-noise. It seems more likely to escalate in this humid, thundery weater.
In other circumstances, there are other less gull-like girl-noises, like the ones that they make in normal social interactions. This appears to include a group of friends all shouting at each other as a "normal" part of conversation. They all do it simultaniously, no talk-listen cycle, taking it in turns, it’s all at once and loud as a shout. They are all keen to express themselves, but no listening goes on, just a very loud cacophony of girl-noise.
Their throats must be sore by the time they get home. I wonder if they have tinnitus too.

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