Oak galls

20°C, same weather,

My favourite Oak tree has galls on its leaves. The tree lives in a small but wild field near home where I walk the dogs*. It turns out that those red balls on its leaves are created by gall wasps, each one has a young wasp gestating inside causing no harm ot the tree.
* I say "walk", not what they do.

1 thought on “Oak galls

  1. hi Mike,I’m sure your dogs like it when you take them out. "* I say "walk", not what they do."  lol, this made me laugh. Maybe its cos they know you to be a lenient and loving master hence they just go at it in their own time :) Wasp and in fact all insects scare me. Although i’ll admit that they are intricatedly created, mostly harmless, maybe even beautiful; in vast variety and colours… i cannot get over their creepy crawliness. Your friend,dawn


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