the nation changes…

19°C, sun & heavy showers

….or not.
Newsworthy stories: new premier, new "bomb" attacks. Hardly bombs, more damp squibs. Some bloke drove a burning car into Glasgow airport yesterday. Not actually a suicide attack- the driver survived with severe burns. Its not clear what all of this means, what the message is or what we are supposed to think. The security forces are on the highest alert, parts of cities get slosed now and again, and all because of the small risk of a fire started by a gas cylinder. I wonder what level of alert they will use if there is an invasion cfleet approaching British shores, or the nuclear bombers are crossing the North sea. It all seems rather silly from here.
Smoking: banned in public enclosed places. At last, we’ve wanted this for over twenty years. Maybe going to a pub won’t feel like such a dirty experience any more. We can wear nice clothes there instead of old ones that won’t matter if they end up all smelly.
I want to go cycling, but the sky wants to drop huge masses of water carried in tall clouds by westerly winds. June was wet even by wet-june standards.

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