Biped, and speed renders

20°C, rain, seemingly endless till sunset.

3DS Max: for the 3-peaks video, I wanted to add some of the night-shots. There weren’t many pictures taken in the dark, so I decided to do a 3D animation. Max is good at this kind of thing.
Max is rendering these amazingly quickly, about 9 minutes for this SVGA sized 5 second clip. Previously on my old machine, it took about half-an hour, sometimes overnight. At least, time to walk the dogs or do the washing-up or something.
Short isn’t it?
But it doesn’t need to be any longer. I’d like to add another figure to it, a female one this time. the clip will be glimpsed along with various moving stills, and an explanation of the route in the 3-Peaks hike video.
Doing this render has taught me some new tricks with Biped, mainly in the use of animation layers. The proceedural walk made from Footsteps can be edited with keyframes that are isolated from the Biped walk-cycle, or changed without screwing up the origonal walk. If you goof, then removing them is dead easy. Still some more tricks to learn though. Curious now about the whereabouts of the new layer’s keyframes, perhaps I need to look in the Animation Mixer.
Wonderful programme.
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