18°C, some sun, few showers.

Interactive whiteboards: new scare, see here. It almost reads like exposure to radiation.
On a work related theme, we’re getting the new version of M$ Office. In the last 5 years or so, M$ have released "new versions" which have been substantially the same, with things moved from one menu to another, some file incompatibility added in and little else worth mentioning. Any other software developer would meerly release a point five update, like Office 2000.5. At some point they added in jelly-bean buttons then we all switched them off when we noticed the progammes run faster without.
This time, upgrade is worthy of comment because they actually have changed the suite. Export to pdf is there (they are catching up with Open Office), file formats have changed and there are some useful fix utilities for damaged or bloated files. The interface is the most noticable change, some fill freak when they see it. All they have done is move menu items onto tabs of buttons at a cost to screen space. Theway things operate is  always the important thing, the one that lasts after novelty has gone- and these really are better in the ones I tried in the staffroom yesterday.
The only thing they have missed off that OpenOffice have, is they forgot to make the software cost free.
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