Sparrowhawk down

20°C, rain then clearing before the next lot. 42½ miles cycling

Back on the bike at last! The weather forecast suggested rain and lots of it so I didn’t take a camera. That was a mistake because I saw something remarkable.
In the road near Lullington was a bird, as I passed it I saw a glimpse of bright yellow eye- and thought it was an Owl, so I turned round and went back.
I nudged it with my foot- and to my surprise it moved forward, flapping against the ground and further out into the road. So with a protective raincoat wrapped around my hands I picked it up. The yellowish legs were armed with claws far more fearsome than a cat’s so I was quite gingerly picking it up. There was something magical about that creature- I turned it over and it made eye contact. Turning it about to look for injuries and guesss the type of bird- it kept eye contact all the time, not blinking, just swiveling its head.
I didn’t know what to do to improve its chances, but over the fence was a flat area of warm, dry straw so reaching over the nettles- I placed it there. On landing on its belly, he immediately turned its head and looked at me again. I could still see those chalcedony eyes as I rode away. Still can.
Later; after looking it up in the book, it was a juvenile sparrowhawk.
What a shame about the camera!
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