Stuck at home

19°C, cloud & sun but dry.

Stuck with no cycling. Still held up with that cold from a week ago- how frustrating.
Nevermind, I’ve drafted a letter of complaint to Eclipse; set up the computer so the expected RAM delivery can be tested tomorrow;  the ladies have had a haircut, but I have been playing FEAR on the computer too much. STALKER should arrive tomorrow also.
FEAR: Currently playing this the second time around, with the difficulty set higher. It’s far more entertaining doing that- previously the game was spoilt by being too easy. I shlln’t make that mistake with the follow-on game STALKER. Stalker has been out a few months now, so the developer have had time to finish it. It’s a ludicrus situation where the game is published before it is ready- and they all do this. So best to wait a few months untill the patches are released (which is now). This one should keep me going until Bioshock is published.
STALKER is loosely based on a Tarkovsky film which must be worth getting. The story centres around Tchernobyl, Ukraine in it’s post nuclear accident desolation. See this clip:
Isn’t Tarkovsky the director that made "Solaris"? Yes, but that’s loosely based on the book "Roadside Picnic" by Strugatsky. Now stop talking to yourself.
Below is a photo of Stugeron’s field, one month on from the last one. Much of the grass is now flattened by heavy rain but it should spring back over the next week or so.
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