waiting a week…

14°C, rain, lots of it.

Eclipse computers: have an answer phone system that doesn’t answer. I phonesd to get a a loud electronic voice saying
"all our customer advisers are busy, we will answer shortly; you are number one in the queue"
this went on for 52 minutes. All this was to confirm my address for a returned faulty memory pack for the computer. I had actually made the same phone call last week. Why do they need my address, they didn’t need to send the memory successfully here the first time.
This is the pinnacle of all the frustrations during the purchase of a series of upgrades for my computyer. Origonally, I placed the order on the 27th March; just in time for Easter when I have free time to build the new gear. That was two holidays ago- three months with a useless box of gubbins that cost a lot and can’t be used.
Needless to say, I want a damned good reason why I should consider using that company again.
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