Asus day

16°C, warm after a cold start,

Shopping: It took a total of 15′ to buy the clothing I wanted: shoes & trousers including trying on. That was an excellent way to shop. The shop (Next) wouldn’t take my old shoes to bin them so they had to go in a rubbish bin in the Bullring. At least they didn’t make a fuss when I refused to take the new shoes’ cardboard box & other litter.
After a nice coffee stop, off to the bookshop to look for those Taschen artbooks, one of those Dutch 17th Cent old masters is what I had in mind. I hadn’t budgeted for another amazing Figurative painting book from Thames & hudson- "Painting People". there is some very inspiring stuff in there, written as an antidote to the abstraction in modernism, the result being a world summary of post-modernism. Oddly, no Peter Howson; Eric Fischl is there though, along with lots of interesting Japanese painters.
Birmingham Art Gallery: Spent some time in the 17thC. Dutch collection room. It was relaxed, no noisy kids and space ot enjoy the lack of crowds. You wouldn’t get that in London, in fact it was calm enough for me to sit for an hour drawing from the paintings. There are fascinating things going on in art galleries. At one point, a group of schoolgirls arrived and immediately jumped at the change to dress up in period costume. They were saying "we can take pictures for MySpace". One of the curators noticed their enthusiam and offered to enter them for a scheme where they do some kind of work experience on London. Good how luck falls to those who create lucky situations; enthusiasm earned that for those girls. Now they have an interesting few days in London, all expenses paid! "Good for them" I thought, how deserving.

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