Ofsted away

9°C, rain

IWM, Manchester: Trip with school to visit the Imperial War Museum, Manchester. There’s a good way to avoid ofstead. It is indeed an excellent place, but are we facing loads of Video capture ( there were 8 cameras issued to the group). Below is a photogrph from the Shard Tower, since it was such a dull day, turning it black & White is an obvious thing to do.
Just think: I can play video games again, paint pictures again and look forward to my new mp3 player. I decided it was worth getting an upgraded one, it’s light, holds plenty and will be useful for shutting out distractions while working. I distract easily, not to mention procrastinate.


11°C, clear

Trident: latest news: the UK labour Govt have decided to buy new weapons of mass destruction. It’s not clear who they will be aimed at, or what the Gov’t will say to Iran , or Nth Korea on the matter. Something bad seem to happen to parties that get into power in the UK. The plans made during electioneering seem to get shelved along with Britain’s independance. Could there be some secret binding reason why our Prime Ministers, one after another, drop independant thinking after gaining power and meeting with the US president?
It pays not to look to long at governments as it erodes your faith in human nature.
Snowdon: climb on Saturday, that will be fun. I may even stay overnight and make the cliumb again on Sunday. Umm… what to do?


12°C, clear & windy.

3 Peaks: practise walk today. Took a dozen or so photographs but there is a lot of colour bleed- much more of a problem than the mistake with the colour temperature setting. New camera soon?
The walk wasn’t that long, but very lumpy ground with lots of angular bolders made it seem more difficult. We had to take turns lifiting the dogs over stiles that had no gates, in Derbyshire that style of stile is less common. rosie impressed the other walkers with her speed on a steep hilside this morning. She was off the lead and saw a rabbit. We saw it too, but the poodle couldn’t catch it (fortunately). It was an uneven chase in another way too: the rabbit was running for its life, the dog was running for the thrill of it.
In future walks, I need to watch for two things:
1/ Drink far more water, as much as I would cycling in fact. Today’s litre over 3 hours was absurdly low.
2/ Improve navigation, I was out by as much as ½ Km pointing to where we are on the map a few times.
Note to myself: fix some reports, I have used semi-colons which screw up the back-end database that handles our reporting.
Next week: we go up Snowdon- that’s more like the real thing. I hope to go up Snowdon again during the Easter break by a different route.

Caught by the thought police


Army speak: this story looks like a guy has been sacked for commiting thought-crime. It pays not to state the obvious sometimes.
Decadent consumerism– this time, me! It’s about a 2 weeks until I place that order for the new computer. The CPU choice is settled (Intel P.IV E6600), starting with 2GB of corsair RAM @ 800Mhz and Asus or Freecom motherboard plus 1 or maybe 2 Seagate barracauda hard drives. I really don’t want to make the same mistake as last time and buy RAM of inadequate quality. That causes occasional crashes and lockups, preventing the addition of more RAM due to timing mis-matches. The headline componant is a 640mb Geforce 8800 GTS. Possibly more onboard RAM than I really need, but there is furture-proofing to consider.
Other choices are mitigated by upgradability. I can’t do the step-by-step componant change as I have in the past because so many hardware standards have changed. Graphics card uses a new kind of connector as does the hard-drives.
Trouble is- I hate spending money, I’m inherantly mean.