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Today: Llanbedr

2°C, strong winds, hail & some snow. Continuing the story from last night as it happens with the drive from Bewys-y-Coed. The sun set and the rain got heavier as I drove towards Harlech. Most of my clothes were wet, … Continue reading

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Yesterday: Climb Snowdon

9 to 2°C, wind, sun and hailshowers. 3 Peaks: we climbed Mt. Snowdon yesterday, what an adventure! After 3 hours driving from home, we met up at Pen-y-pass which was full- that made parking tricky. Anyway, we took the Miner’s … Continue reading

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Ides of March

11°C, cloudy afternoon Utterly: thoroughly and profoundly tired, right down to the bone.   Another picture from last Saturday. Snowdon – the day after tomorrow.

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11°C, clear Trident: latest news: the UK labour Govt have decided to buy new weapons of mass destruction. It’s not clear who they will be aimed at, or what the Gov’t will say to Iran , or Nth Korea on the matter. … Continue reading

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A Whale’s revenge

11°C, clear. BBC news story of a panicing Whale, lost in inland waters News Video. Nature takes its revenge! Japan has resumed Whale hunting and the civilised world has taken a step backwards.  

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Sprung, starting today

13°C, sun & light clouds. C=52 miles It’s now spring. I know you’re thinking "equinox " but today I swallowed the first fly of the year- that makes it spring now.   Little camera: cycling has come full circle so … Continue reading

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12°C, clear & windy. 3 Peaks: practise walk today. Took a dozen or so photographs but there is a lot of colour bleed- much more of a problem than the mistake with the colour temperature setting. New camera soon? The … Continue reading

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Caught by the thought police

9°C, Army speak: this story looks like a guy has been sacked for commiting thought-crime. It pays not to state the obvious sometimes.   Decadent consumerism– this time, me! It’s about a 2 weeks until I place that order for the new … Continue reading

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9°C, showers and very windy. 1/ Tall trees make the most fascinating sound against the stronger winds. A soft, deep roar, with smaller flutters, bows and groans. Looking up at the dark orange sky, there are long branches springing with … Continue reading

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Total Lunar eclipse

6°C, clear & still. Moon enters penumbra: 20.18 Moon enters umbra: 21.30 Totality begins: 22.44 Mid-eclipse: 23.21 Totality ends: 23.58 Moon leave umbra: 01.11 Moon leaves penumbra: 02.24 My pictures came out better as totality came to an end, I … Continue reading

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