12°C, chilly, less rain than forcast.

It’s sunny, no lessons to plan for tomorrow and the room smells of Spirit of Turpentine.
Turpentine: Near the end of term, thoughts turn to making good use of the time- in this case, in paint.
The idea uses the hiking poles, memories of the Cern Abbas Giant and a photo from last year. That Turpentine layer is all vague, it can be moved about, changed and balanced properly. I don’t want to get in the position I did at the end of last year where the composition was fundamentally off. I really need to prolong the underpainting to make sure it’s right. Perhaps making some drawings before using linseed, so I can double-check.
The photo on the left may remind regular visitors of a picture taken last autumn, the same timespan away from mid-winter, so the light is similar. The picture is a composit of two exposures, 1 EV apart. the process is similar to the way HDR pictures are put together but a bit of a bodge, I didn’t have the tripod at the time.

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