Yesterday: Climb Snowdon

9 to 2°C, wind, sun and hailshowers.

3 Peaks: we climbed Mt. Snowdon yesterday, what an adventure!
After 3 hours driving from home, we met up at Pen-y-pass which was full- that made parking tricky. Anyway, we took the Miner’s track to the summit which was an easy way to start, but once past the last lake (Glaslyn) the terrain got far more tricky. It was steep and heavily obstructed with bolders and other rocks that were very angular (and colourful I may add). The last 300m of altitiude was covered in cloud and reaching the final ridge was an extrodinary experience. Both sides were a sea of light grey cloud that concealed enormous drops- the thought of them takes your breath away- think of that Victorian notion of the “sublime”.
We had to contend with strong winds from the NW but loads of people were also there- from the other 3 main routes no doubt.
The plan was to take some photos at the summit and then climb back down a short way to a sheltered corner to eat our lunchpacks. By the time we got there the cloud had gone down so we continued. Sitting still in cloud eating is a quick way to get cold and below the cloud layer, there was rain. The rain got heavier the further we descended. Somehow, I didn’t mind that, at one point my comment was
I wonder if I would be enjoying this as much if the weather was good?”- I was not being facetious.
The return route was along the Pyg track. We all agreed that though this was shallower it was far more difficult, there were few runs of smooth path that you could set a pace on. The rain got heavier too.
The whole walk took five hours, too long really so we’ll stick to the Miner’s track both ways even with that very steep descent to Glaslyn.

Later we met up for shopping at Betws-y-Coed for a bit of shopping and a cafe stop. There is a nice bizz in that town, not like other parts of Wales which can seem rather run-down. I got a better rain-coat and a drinking bladder thing for my rucksac. There we all parted, most going home while I went west to my Mum’s caravan near Harlech. That was an adventure in itself, more possibly on that later, for now, there is a photo of rough seas taken from my overnight stay.
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