Today: Llanbedr

2°C, strong winds, hail & some snow.

Continuing the story from last night as it happens with the drive from Bewys-y-Coed. The sun set and the rain got heavier as I drove towards Harlech. Most of my clothes were wet, the car heater set to 23°C. Eventually I got to the caravana and set up- it was cold. The rain beat on the caravan and it shook, quivered and creaked all night against the storms arriving down the northerly approaches.
This morning, I woke at sunrise and decided to go home as soon as possible. The rain had eased but the temperature dropped during my sleep. After coffee and cerial, there was time to grab a quick visit to the beech. White foamy waves crashed just behind the dunes, unheard because of the wind blasting everything with sand. No flat beech  was visible there.
After setting off south I called in at Barmouth, in the summer months a very busy town that has all the kitch of British seaside resorts. In the winter- it’s worth a stop. There must have been some money here in late victorian times, there are fascinating houses on the hillside. The wind was able to lift the sand higher here, it filled everything, got everywhere. My scalp had a layer of sand, my ears and under my eyelids. That still stings when you look in some directions.
Home to worry about work, and fix the fence that blew down in the gales before it gets dark. Not enough time.
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