12°C, clear & windy.

3 Peaks: practise walk today. Took a dozen or so photographs but there is a lot of colour bleed- much more of a problem than the mistake with the colour temperature setting. New camera soon?
The walk wasn’t that long, but very lumpy ground with lots of angular bolders made it seem more difficult. We had to take turns lifiting the dogs over stiles that had no gates, in Derbyshire that style of stile is less common. rosie impressed the other walkers with her speed on a steep hilside this morning. She was off the lead and saw a rabbit. We saw it too, but the poodle couldn’t catch it (fortunately). It was an uneven chase in another way too: the rabbit was running for its life, the dog was running for the thrill of it.
In future walks, I need to watch for two things:
1/ Drink far more water, as much as I would cycling in fact. Today’s litre over 3 hours was absurdly low.
2/ Improve navigation, I was out by as much as ½ Km pointing to where we are on the map a few times.
Note to myself: fix some reports, I have used semi-colons which screw up the back-end database that handles our reporting.
Next week: we go up Snowdon- that’s more like the real thing. I hope to go up Snowdon again during the Easter break by a different route.
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