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DIMM slots unreliable

2ºC, snow thawing. Started the day Painting: continued with fine tuning, moved the vein on the horse’s muzzle, adde a layer to the man’s face and so on. I have an idea for the background, so that could change tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Turned a corner.

2°C, snowing. On this glorious (day off) I made a considerable move forward with the second Horse-Stalker painting. A lesson should be learnt here, persist and those slow doubtful days will pass. they had to be done, now I have … Continue reading

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School’s out!

School snowed off! How that cheered me up this morning.

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Small change

3°C, clear, very dry and cold. Snow’s due soon Linseed: More work on that face, hence the cropped photo today, the changes are probably too small for anyone to notice here (especially when few read these pages). Anyway, despite struggling … Continue reading

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Wrekin, day two

7°C, frosty start again, some cloud this time. Revisiting the Wrekin: this time with Hannah. In contrast there were far more people there, the sky had a thin layer of high stratus, there was less mist. In the sunshine is … Continue reading

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Wrekin: on top of the world

7°C, clear 3 Peaks: today was the second of our training walks. The view from the top was a lot more than I expected. There was still low lying mist in the surrounding flat landscape. See pictures. The lowest lying … Continue reading

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CD additions

11 heading for 0°C, clear. New CDs added to the collection: , . Bought for the Samuel Barber Agnus Dei; a version rather different to that performed by ExCathedra which I would still like when they re-release it.74mins of uninterrupted … Continue reading

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Tawny Owls- could it be?

11°C, as grey as could be Local Owls: in recent posts, I mentioned a certain Owl that can be clearly heard whilst walking the dogs. Stepping outside the house this evening, I clearly heard the self same call about 100yds … Continue reading

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