washed out from the front?

9°C, showers, some with rainbows. C=only 33 miles

Two things while cycling today.
1/ Passing Catton Hall estate, I was looking towards the river trent. There were two black & white shapes that looked like dead cows on the banks. An odd and disturbing sight so I went to have a look. Getting closer they began to look more like dead horses, piebald ones. Perhaps victims of drowning?
From ten feet away, there they were, lying in the cold grass next to the fast flowing river. Suddenly one then the other got up, clinking their heavy metal chains. They looked startled, the nearest one had the chain wrapped twice round a leg which shook loose as it tried to gallop south along the bank. I decided to back off , clearly I was causing more stress than they needed right then. I felt quite sorry for those two.
2/ Coming back through Whittington I heard s skidding sound, having heard it like that before, I’m conditioned to look behind in case I need to evade. A young motorcyclist was sliding to a halt behind me about 15 yards back. No other vehicles there, I pulled over and went back to see the bloke lying partly under his bike. He was out cold, another guy was on the scene by then too, then another few. It looked like he came round a blind bend, saw me and braked hard loosing the front wheel and going down. A classic front wheel skid I’d say. He was a learner, though with a helmet on he was out cold for a few minutes. We got the bike off him and put it in the church car-park.
There is a technique to braking on wet surfaces, and unless he has faulty brakes/tyres he can’t have done it right. You can’t stay upright with a front wheel skid, back ones are recoverable- front ones never are. So there is no secret to applying less brake to the front wheel on wet roads. In really poor surfaces then don’t use the front wheel at all.
I don’t yet know what injuries he has, a broken leg is possible, and so is concussion. The medics will worry about that.
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