Inherit the world?

10°C, showers

So you’re going to inherit the world. We’re trying to be more "green" for the sake of generations to come. Our youngsters are going to inherit the world from us so we’d best hand it over in a worthwhile condition.
In that case why are the youth so often disinterested in green issues.
To illustrate: today we tidied up the house which was left looking like a land-fill site after one of ours left. I found the bin filled just two days after they were last emptied by the council. In one full bin liner was 9 bottles, mostly 2 litre plastic ones. Next to the bin was the plastic/glass recycling bin which was overlooked in favour of the black land-fill bin. this is from the same child who would drive to work only 0.6 miles away, even when the roads were so icy that the chances of an accident were high.
There is no hope of reducing greenouse emissions, nor any other ecological concern. We are wasting our time

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