Cold, down to the bone

10°C, wind & sun. c=42 miles.

Not today, but Tuesday left me Cold down to the bones. I was probably wearinbg just a slightly less than ideal, but over a long period of time (3 hours cycling) I became deeply cold. It took all evening to warm up. I probably needed one of those deep hot Japanese baths to warm up in. Today’s ride was in windy but warmer air- about 2°C higher, no need to wrap up. So, only a degree makes all the difference.

The Horse Stalker picture may be finished. that makes two. I may get round to post ing a "fin" picture of it here. You can then compare with the photoshop prototype in yesterday’s post. I’m a good lad- I promised to get it done during the half-term holiday. Below is a picture taken in RAW format and imported into Photoshop, the image quality is better in some ways, but the skin tones are a bit flat. Clearly a need is there to use that RAW import plugin differently.

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