Music And Lyrics

9°C, clear.

Film: we left the cinema trying to remember a film as bad as "Music & lyrics". The Idea was sound, the cast of good heritage- so the ingrediants aren’t against the story. But it was handled as if by a committe, any plot twists or character development were treted with the standard Holywood formula. There was overal, no eye openers, nothing new to the medium of film. Or as a teenager would say – "Boring".
As a critic would say- "forgettable" or as I would – "go and see it if you haven’t got anything better to do".
The cinema was packed.
Linseed: thinking ahead- the painting is drying nicely and I am plotting what next. Below is a photoshopped image from the last post. It’s a way of thinking about the chiarascuro of the image.
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