Holiday mode=On.

9°C, showers, some heavy.

This & that: posting to Flickr, shopping and trying to get a builder to repair our roof. Why is it so difficult to return a phone call, or give us the quote promised? What else? Mending things, like the vacuum cleaner.
Il-2 Sturmovic: 1946. Added a patch which as had some strange side-effects to the main game. Apart from the trouble installing it, (due to a bad memory module) it has removed certain custom mission folders in the game, and left others intact. The pattern seems quite strange. The Single missions are gone, but net games are all as before. Que?
Linseed: made a change that could be awkward to complete. I added a hand, see picture, which needs about 4 more layers like the face has had. I have made this mistake before with the painting "Ruff".
It never did look entirely right.

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