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6°C, clear. Drawing: must be feeling better, now I’m looking ahead to new paintings. the rather rough sketch may turn out to be a propellorhead thing. Much depends on workload at the place that gives me monies. Hopefully on Saturday, … Continue reading

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They are not all bigots

9°C, rain and more rain. News story; as I write, the house of Lords (an unelected body of very old men who hold tremendous power here in England) are debating the law that could protect the human rights of homosexuals. … Continue reading

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less fever, more gummed

12°C, cloudy, still no ice in Moscow! Saturday was a bad day for this cold, I was all a shiverin’ in the late evening after sleeping most of the day. There followed a rotten night.That bout has given me a chance to take … Continue reading

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Seeing slowly

9°C, clouds It is taking time for me to look at things, there is a delay and everything is viscous. Yep, I have a cold- an all throaty detatched achey feeling one. Goodnight.

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Silly money

9°C, rain Back to work. Too soon, too soon. Hardware: choosing computer hardware is an absurd process. All I am doing is comparing two CPUs, and then adding up the cost of motherboards, RAM and a graphics card to rebuild … Continue reading

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Last day…

7°C, rain. …of the holiday. Seems like the shortest Christmas break I can remember. Sunrise is barely changing from day to day, but sun-set is on the move. This is a dark, colourless month – that is for certain.   Ways … Continue reading

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’07, day one

7°C, sun then rain, wind all the way. Monday:It’s been a holiday full of late nights, and for me, too many social occasions. Today was an escape- by bicycle- which was in no way marred by a puncture near Hamstel … Continue reading

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