How do they do that?

11°C, some clouds, the rest was sun. 

Amazing special effects looking left while riding to work this morning. I really wanted a pocket camera to record that. The nearest is the shot below of sunset, taken about 15 mins ago. The sky had some culmulous clouds light from below with a deep burgandy – which picked off the lowest spikes of cloud like an upside-down mountain range.
I remarked on it on arriving at school, but no-one else had noticed the magic.
Recently, I have been using Flickr too for its excellent quality photographs. Naturally, I then considered taking out membership, but it turns out that I can use my Yahoo logon anyway. So as I write, I upload to my new Fickr account. The selected pictures are rather large ( as files) so I bet I have to cut them down. Let’s see how that goes
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