Grateful for my illness

6-10°C, light cloud, windy; c=60 miles

Ooh! I just noticed that we can post videos here! Scratches chin…

Out cycling, I met Rob, who I haven’t seen for quite a few years. He was recovering from a bout of ‘flu. We compared symptoms, as you do, and he was very grateful to hear of my experience, which it turns out, is the same has his. Why is this interesting- it’s not but I will continue anyway. He thought he was the only one to have a heavy cold that had a brief interlude before “going onto his chest”. Same here.

Buzzard of the day: today’s buzzard (said out-loud in the style of a certain Fast Show sketch) was seen over Catton Hall.

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1 Response to Grateful for my illness

  1. Miss Helen says:

    Well I’m now ill, and I’m certainly not grateful *grumbles*. So there.


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