6°C, (yesterday=1°C);clear.

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but had the oddest connection problem: most pages wouldn’t open, only a few obscure shopping sites, not even Amazon.

Do you ever enter a room only to forget why you went there? I did that yesterday, I went in the house just before riding to work to get something, only to forget what it was. Retracing your steps usually works, only this time it didn’t, the thought was lost.
That was only the second ride of the year, oh well.. feeling better now.

The ride was icy, but not unsteady, even looking at the fearsomely glass-like pavements. Just as I was slowing down for Muckly-corner roundabout, I had a fast blowing puncture. That was it! I went back in the house 15′ earlier to get a spare inner-tube but didn’t.

Today, that ice has all gone.


Painting: work resumed. This is about an hour’s worth, I noticed a pale blue colour cast in the forehead, so decided to make something of it. I do like ceruleum blue.

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