Coming back to life

12°C, cloudy.

Slowly recovering from a very snotty cold, the vacuum cleaner is all working now, and floors -clean. What a roller-coaster thrilling life I lead.
Turpentine: It’s been a while, but this time of year is always herder to get going. Only 7 hours of daylight- not very encouraging. I need to do a bad weather image to support teaching. Let’s see how that goes; I’ve seen a few good ones recently- mind you I have seen lots of very bad ones too!
Shipping Forcast: a superb film which came at just the right time for the mood I was in. Based on the book by Lasse Hallström, filmed in a Newfoundland landscape that looks like Siberia. It’s a story of fear, mythology and self-discovery. there are planty of ugly characters to colour the film, and the lead character’s voyage of self-discovery amid some tragic, bizarre are pulled through by optimism and hauting nightmares. Stunning.
It’s now just after midnight- and the birds are singing outside.
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