They are not all bigots

9°C, rain and more rain.

News story; as I write, the house of Lords (an unelected body of very old men who hold tremendous power here in England) are debating the law that could protect the human rights of homosexuals. Read here:
Fortunately, I did find a readers’ opinions page which held quotes from christians who aren’t as bigoted as their religious leaders can be. You have to scroll down a fair way before the malicious side of christianity appears. Following on from there there are very few christians moved to criticise the proposed law, and many who want to be distanced from the intolerant members of their religion. Conclusion? for now, we must be wary of headline grabbers, the moderates are in the majority, just watch out for those Christians in positions of power.
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  1. penelope says:

    A very different and interesting site .A refreshing change.  Pen.


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