Last day…

7°C, rain.

…of the holiday. Seems like the shortest Christmas break I can remember. Sunrise is barely changing from day to day, but sun-set is on the move. This is a dark, colourless month – that is for certain.

Ways to waste time: Company of Heroes is the latest game I have installed for fun and recuperation. This shot is far below the quality of those seen on the web, but then my computer is rather falling behind the times. Coincidentally, I am also researching  a hardware upgrade. Ity seems that there are pcs that should be far faster rendering videos, especially 3ds animations.
see here: This eleven second shot took over an 1½ hours to render, plus about 15 mins of video editing afterwards. these new dual and quad core cpus work like multi-processors have done for a few years, that should mean it will work with 3ds max. If I had time, I could add some sound.
OK, I added sound to that lil’ animation AW38. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to makea library of useful sounds; the sound of wind, birdsong and footprints so they can be dropped into animations like this.
Oh well.
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