Was that it then?

11°C, wind & showers

It’s dark, it’s 7am and it’s the last day of the year even though last night wasn’t exactly early, I woke at 6am and at dawn, I can take the dogs out.
No new- year’s resolutions this time ’round- the last few have worked out and there it no real need to wait ’til new year to change something in life. 2007 will see some mountain walking, the same amount of cycling and probably more futile computer game-play.
Currently I have been whiling away time playing "Company of Heroes". A corney name I know but this is rather a good game, see more on this Wiki. It is a little beyond the power of this computer but an upgrade is due in the next quater anyway.
2006 has seen my paintings continue, less rapidly but more concentrated on each one. There has been a price for the time spent on those, that is- fewer animations.
There is the most beautiful birdsong coming from outside, dawn is almost here, and the dogs are wide awake.

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