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Smooth train to Bourneville

15°C, windy, some sun, some rain Day out of school today. I was on a GCSE marking course. It ran as expected but the rooms were very cramped, so no space to put everything on desks. Food was better than average. Bourneville is … Continue reading

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Animated splines

11°C, W winds; C=60miles. 3DS Max: further development to the Big Digger, it has hydralic pipes that follow the animation of the moving arms. The lines are controlled by spline-vertices – which means dots that marks the key positions along the pipe’s … Continue reading

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S’pose it’s finished

8°C, clear. Linseed: it’s absurd how long this one has gone on, nearly 3 months. I’m calling a halt on it now and preparing something fresh. Normally I know when a piece is complete, but this time, I’m just fed … Continue reading

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Have them chipped!

10°C, rain The (un)shaggy dog story: The Friary School’s caretaker found a stray dog on the school grounds, so Hannah volunteered to sort it out. She called me as soon as I got home to take the dog to the local … Continue reading

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School is shaking

14°C, cloudy, SW winds The whole place seems to be shaking, we’re told from roadworks where a roundabout is becoming a set of traffic lights. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to find they’ve hit an old mine-shaft and the whole area is … Continue reading

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December’s issue

11°C, clear. Update: today the next issue of 3D World magazine was delivered. It has "Christmas 2006" printed on the cover next to the barcode. that means the date on the cover has an offset relation to the time it is printed. … Continue reading

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Crisp sunrise

-2 to 9°C. Clear. Suddenly autumn has changed over into a phase so different that it could have a different name. That’s right, I think there should be an extra season between September and Christmas. there is usually two distinct … Continue reading

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