Whishaw horse

12°C, windy+sun

Linseed: Picked up the two heads picture from last week, then painted over the back head ready to put a horse in. There have been two sessions today, the second with linseed, but that wasn’t such a good idea- enthusiasm got the upper hand this afternoon. The underpainting was not really dry enough so it moved as the linseed layer was brushed over. I have been using a larger but very soft brush for this which is working well, the tip is very fine and avoids the need for a smaller pencil-brush.
Car Alarms: my car alarm is going off every few minutes. Clearly some electrical fault is triggering it as there is no outside event to set it off. This is very annoying: it causes sleepless nights, probably annoys the neighbours, and may attract wrath from others. All I want to do is permanently disable it, they serve no purpose since everyone ignores them- the result being like a modern "Peter cried wolf".
Finally, after visits to three garages, numerous phone calls, and much frustration I have a temporary solution. I can lock the car without the alarm going live by following a roundablut routine. locking the car from the passenger side internally, then shutting that door. It doesn’t work from the driver side- that would engague the alarm. I get repars to it for free as there is a month left on the car’s guarentee, we even get a new number plate, but that is another story. More next week on that.

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