Holbein & Velazquez

8°C, clear.

Art Dept. trip to london: I nearly saw the Velazquez, but didn’t. They want you to buy a ticket an hour before you are allowed in at the National.  That mean’t missing the next appointment- the only recourse was to buy the book- which I will look at lafter logging off here. I took the party of Y12s down to Tate Britain- whose name I still get mixed up with Tate Modern sometimes (call me old fashioned why don’t you?).
Tate Britain are showing Holbein, which was stunning, unfathomable and indescernable. Stunning- because of the detail, textures, linear drawing /painting of portraits; unfathomable- because it took me a while to figure out why I felt the images were so flat- like cut-outs; and indescernable because the minatures really require reading glasses – thay are very small and need close inspection. The Velazquez would have made the perfect counterpoint to Holbein, both men being court painters to respective kings, both formal without losing humanity in the portraits, both stunningly skillful. Oh and the Rembrandt room of the National Gallery filled my head with thoughts about technique, lighting and colour.
Also, thoughts turned to horses- hence the picture below. Both that horse and the guardsman are looking at me in that shot- that boy must be little ofer 20 years old. A horse is due to make an appearance in my next picture. This has been a day of consideirng how.

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