Bristol Zoo

11°C, mostly sunny

In all the years I lived there, I didn’t pay a visit to the zoo. The only real comparisons that I can make are with Twycross in Leicestershire. It’s smaller, but with a far greater imagination in its development. There are a few headline features that can’t go unmentioned- the underwater tunnel where you can watch the penguins feed on fish, there are a number of enclosures that get you up close to the animals. They are entered through double-gates beneth netting tents so the animals share the same space as visitors. They don’t have many of the big headline animals, lions yes- but no elephants, rhino, or giraffes. On the other hand thay do have one of my favourites- the Tapir and another that makes me want to buy a few acres of forest to have my own- the Okapi. What a fine gentle soul those creatures are- ’tis a shame it was so hard to photograph. Still, the Tapirs did perform for my camera’s video capture- which is all getting edited today and tomorrow.
The place is well laid out, there were no chavs and in a very likable part of the city- therefore well worth a visit.
Say hello to a meerkat->
Flash: found a nice little Flash game from a French developer: Jeu Chiant. You have to balance the ball while batting the other one with mouse-movement, you get a time at the end. Simple, fun but not too annoying like these things can be.
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