Man in tights

10°C, clear, SW winds. C=63miles.

Sunday ride today- a Saturday. I have new winter bib-tights. For non-cylists, let me explain "bib-tights". They are lycra tights, made of fleecy lined material, and have shoulder-straps to keep them up. These are good because they don’t restrict movement to a surprising degree; most pairs do. The previous pair definitely slowed me down while riding because of that. The price hasn’t changed in the last ten years either. that’s almost enough to raise an eyebrow.
One of the Buzzards was seen today, as well as a sparrowhawk elsewhere.
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2 Responses to Man in tights

  1. ferhat says:



  2. Mike d. says:

    Clearly a man fo few words, but very often said. There seem to be thousands of comments like yours- (see)Kindly tell- what is the point?


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