Word gen.

12°C, little of the promised rain.

Spammers have gone all ecumenical today:
And to pass, when her fair is full and fish and the oil unto Zechariah
Come, fifty loops in my god called to alive:
The Shorts are out! The Gap is Good! Take advantage!
RREF has been on a steady rise for a week with HUGE volume. Now the
shorts created a gap providing a second chance to get in on RREF.
Don’t be the one that missed out be the one who rakes it in next
week. Grab RREF first thing Thursday morning.
Alternative: Who will act as gatekeeper to the gatekeepers?
Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
From the Robert Frost poem ‘Mending Wall’

Who knows where such words doth cometh. Senders now enlisted in the great book of Junk-senders, forever to be deleted with callous automation, unseen by human eye from this day forth.

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