Animated splines

11°C, W winds; C=60miles.

3DS Max: further development to the Big Digger, it has hydralic pipes that follow the animation of the moving arms. The lines are controlled by spline-vertices – which means dots that marks the key positions along the pipe’s centre line. These points can be fixed in postion in relation to something else in the 3D model. Some pointsare attached to one part, others are attached to another moving part which has the effect of bending the resulting pipe as the digger moves about.
Isn’t it nice when it works out without a glitch? The help files was clear and to the point on this one, I still maintain that Max’s help files are amongst the best in the business.
The video of it in action is here: VIDEO
Wouldn’t it be good to get a bit of bounce in the hose, it is rubbery after all.

Rememberance Sunday: I was caught in Repton at 11.00 this morning, I made my way through the town and stopped by the church where wreaths were placed. I heard a bugle. I also heard the car horn of a driver having a tantrum (presumably about the traffic jam). It’s an odd fact that of the two occasions that I have stopped in a village like this, there have been drivers behaving in that manner. Last time if was a boy-racer who blasted the horn and revved up his engine as the bugle notes echoed in the distance. Once the traffic started again, he roared through the village as if at the start of a race.

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