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My Music week

16°C, clearish We’ve been invited to play music in school in support of national music week. "Play some music in lessons" the our head of music says, so I have. The response from teenagers have been mixed. It seems the … Continue reading

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There are nuts on the roads

17°C, fog then clearing, Cy.=70miles  There are nuts on the roads. Mostly chestnuts (of the conker variety), but a lot of acorns as well, all ground into a pulp by passing traffic.   Rer Megacorp have a website you can use … Continue reading

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9,000 page visits

19°C, clear Nine-thousandth page view today. It was probably me. But how many times have people visited and were not counted, some have left comments and it still didn’t count them for sure.

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16°C, clear. New speakers for the PC. Though a vast improvement in the sound quality over the previous pair, the bass is a bit bloated. Treble & mid are clear such that they actually sound sterio rather than 2 mono … Continue reading

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Pointers, day eight.

18°C, clear, spetemberlike. Linseed: Pointers is turning into the longest gestation period for a painting that I can remember. Eight days so far. The heads have dramatically changed size, and the feet now much clearer. Crane flys haven’t reappeared yet but … Continue reading

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Tys tys

17°C, sun, rain then sun. Yesterday’s concert was interesting. Two bands of scandinavian origin, both billed as A-side performers, but in practice…. Tys tys (Copenhagen) played the second set but were not rewarded with CD sales that Suzanne & M O … Continue reading

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Theif, Deadly Shadow

16°C, clear & moderate S wind. C=66 miles Glee Club: concert tonight, going out on a Sunday is an odd thing. Sundays evenings are meant for recovering from cycle rides as you all know. The show is "Suzanna And the … Continue reading

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Editing Videos

16°C, clear. Premier: using Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 is far easier than the old version 6. The trouble now is getting the output files small enough to upload to photobucket. They use a flv converter built into the web server, … Continue reading

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Straw veil

16°C, light showers, and wind.  A current news story that illustrates the current times comes from Jack Straw. He asks Muslim women to remove their veil while in his Constituency office. See here. Now for my opinion, or at least … Continue reading

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Skin linseed

18°C, rain they drier Linseed: Just a short session today. Added another layer of oily glases to the skin on my pointers. See picture below.Mind you, now it’s uploaded it seems hard to see the change from the last time. … Continue reading

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