Here and Now

14, dropping ot 8°C, changable

Here and Now is radio three’s main contemporary radio show. I have only strted listening to it recently, but am getting a lot from it already. I like hearing stuff that doesn’t leave me feeling like I have heard this sort of thing before. So much "classical" music is almost generic, the basic structures are the same, though of course nuances are fascinating. Trouble is just that- nuances. You often need to search for the best performances to get the best nuances out of any single piece.
Anyway, currently playing as I write is something by Michael Finnissey. Piano and small orchestra, playing the oddest cascades of staccato notes, fast and with guts. I’m off now to see what discs I can order online.

They’re going to take ages, possibly not ’till December, but I’ve ordered the following:

  • Agaetis Byrjun – Sigur Ros 
  • Yoshimatsu – Orchestral Works
  •  All the Ends of the Earth – Contemporary & Medieval Vocal Works
  •  This Hungry Life [Live]- Tanya Donelly 
  •  Why I Hate Women (Pere Ubu) 
 Not everything I heard on the show, but this will do.
Finally, one odd thing; my outside thermometer has started working after about 6 months of no readings. Currently 7.4°C.

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