The Tee-shirts

16°C, clear blue skies, 49miles

Linseed: the end is in sight- I’d like this one done by the end of this week. They now have tee-shirts, a new arm (which has only 2 layers hence the wrong colours). The total layer count must be up to 6 now, probably only two more to go I estimate. Then there is the little matter of the crane flys, that will take 2 days to complete- all with tiny No.2 brushes.
I’m getting quite impatient now, this picture has gone on for two or three months- It must be finished soon!

Bad news– Arab Strap are splitting up, they have just released a farewell compilation album.

Photo: I know this is 3 pictures in one day, but it really sums up the season and the weather today.

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