the History Boys

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I was going to write about how the TV series "The Simpsons" aren’t actually funny. But instead….
The History Boys, Dir: Nicolas Hytner, By Alan Bennet & : made into a film in a way that often makes me want to see it on the stage. I know that’s a different experience but one can wish. Suspending disblief was easy, it was a parody in places, there were only two tiny details in props that distracted away from the date in which it was set- 1983. Otherwise it was very thorough. It’s a film that may appeal to anyone who left school in the mid eighties (as I did) or are involved in the profession- (as I am) or are applying to Oxbridge (as I never even considered). Often the film is hilarious, charactatured and in places self-mocking. The film is set in Yorkshire- it looked like Sheffield to me, but the actors accents weren’t right. but still…. you could hear Alan Bennetts voice, curious how that can happen- think of Richard Dawkins. Did I post here about Richard Dawkins voice sounding out from his book- The God Dilusion. Read his words and you may be able to hear his voice speaking, accent and all. Same is true here in this film- but then I can’t guess the accent from one I have not heard on the radio. I gets off the track.
there are other threads explored in the film, especially homosexuality which are treated with a frank acceptance that seems out of character for the period. Oh well, there are holes in the film as I have hinted but the whole thing is strong enough to be unflustered by them. therefore it comes highly recommended by me. Go see.
warning– the first link above has a plot spoiler.

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