Help files not working

15°C, grey, then sunny intervals with rain.

There must be something wrong with my Windows CD, a recent re-install of Win 2000 has left me with the same fault as the first time I put windows 2K on. Hyperlinks don’t work in compiled .html help pages. There is a peculiar solution, it is here:

If you have installed Service Pack 4, the fix is to open a Command
Prompt window and then run these two commands:

regsvr32 /u <drive>:winntsystem32hhctrl.ocx
regsvr32 <drive>:winntsystem32hhctrl.ocx


that technique worked last time but then I lost the file after a reformat. Funny how I found the solution – during an idle moment I searched for my name in Google to look for my oldest posting somewhere. I’m only putting this here in case I loose it gain- not an act of generosity.

Holiday soon, one week off, time for a couple of paintings, especially finish the crane-pointers plus another quick A4 one. Some animation, including the deconstruction of another element- probably something asteroidal this time. There’s no harm in planning.

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