False start

20°C, big dark cloud approaching:

Started a bigger version. <Started a bigger version of what?>; that painting;<which one?> "the pointing"; <oh that>.

The figures are just that little bit small, resulting in the largest one being cramped on the page, also his posture is a little inelegant. Much bigger canvases look appealing in on the shop.
Plan ahead lad, plan ahead

All change.
Hannah has insisted that I stop the picture just as I was "rubbing back" the ground. She liked it so much that she wants if framed as is.
It’s funny this, I think – mad but it does have advantages. The standing pointer is too far to the centre, so I will begin again tomorrow (with a bigger canvas) and move him over. Proportions & placement can be sorted with overlaid tracing paper and this should leave more empty apce to point into. The original plans will remain the same otherwise.

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