28°C, still hot

Linseed:Sub-aqua day 6– detailing the refraction patterns from the ripples above. Following on from here will be more work on the figure in the background and then the foremost layer- the bubbles. this is turning into quite a detailed piece. It’s fairly easy to do but will consume a lot of hours. I guess that’s the way the others are going be with something like sea surfaces involved.
Note to self: I really need to tighten up the technique here, although the picture looks ok, there are dashes of white canvas showing where colours don’t quite meet pencil lines;  "spotting" them took up a while today. This should not happen, it’s sloppy, unnecessary and time wasting. That suggest a basic problem with the practice of working from photos. This piece has been penciled in then base colours put down.
Next time: cover with a wash, then do the pencilling in with a No.2 brush, which can easily be blended to correct any errors. After that dries, then put under-paint layers on
There are passing thoughts in my mind about the nature of surfaces, somethig about the patterns in waves that’s worth exploring in a purer way, maybe unfettered by realism. Just a thought…

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