Today Friday, WOMAD

27°C, last hot day for a while

Back home before the main act came on stage, and I live 100 miles away!  We nearly came home much earlier.
Best bits: music on the BBC Radio 3 stage. Good musicians, clear PA
Hardest bits: the heat 
Strangest bits: Not much from the far east. It was all either; African, South Central Asia or Latin America. I saw nothing of Japan, Thailand or China or any "oriental" places.
Worst Bit: too hot for the minimal amount of shade available there. We spent a large chunk of time outside the venue sitting under trees by the river.
Most annoying bit: when you’re sitting in a café next to a venue, why are the café’s speakers blearing out some crap when there is quality live music there. If you were in the cinema watching a film would anyone ever set up a bunch of TV sets around loudly playing ITV or some Sky channel?
Most beautiful bits: the flags. Silken, themed, and just like the ones at The Eden project.
Nicest bits: food
Most Dubious bit: the mineral and fossil stall that offered what they called "Tektites" for £13 each. I don’t think so, they were pieces of partly eroded Obsidian if you ask me. They did, howerver offer a small piece of meteoric metal that appeared to show Widmanstatten patterns, this I was more intrigued by.
Harshest bits: PA systems on the big mainline stages. They made a row that sounded like a mass of Kazoos. In all three cases the PAs got in the way of the music and we were listending not to a band, or solo, but the noise Peavy/Marshall makes. This is not good enough.
I shalln’t go again. And… Hannah has decided to sell her ticket to V2006.

1 thought on “Today Friday, WOMAD

  1. Ahhh my parents have always wanted to see WOMAD. I’ve given up festivalsish. I’m just too small and can’t take icky toilets anymore (thank you Leeds). And… HELLO!


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